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We are a secondary high school named IES Bellaguarda located in a small town named Altea, in the Southeast of Spain, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Our capital province is Alicante; we are located 50 km from it and it is where our main airport is.

We are about 800 students and 100 teachers. We teach ordinary Secondary School, “Baccalaureate” (for those who want to go to University) and Vocational Training (for those who want to learn for a job).

Our students are aged from 12 to 16 in Secondary School, from 17 to 18 in “Bachillerato” and from 17 to any age in Vocational studies.

We are an active and opened minded school. We like getting involved in diverse projects and activities and events. By the moment, we are immersed in several Erasmus+ and other European exchanges projects. We are accredited E+ School in VET levels since 2022.  

We organize students’ exchanges with schools in France and Germany where our students who learn French can enjoy a stay there and then receive their guest. Also we perform similar dynamic with a German School using English as a base language.

We would like to find a similar exchange for the students who learn English or French in other countries. We have the experience organizing this kind of students’ exchanges.

Moreover, we are interested in carrying out jobshadows for teachers in order to compare our educative systems and trigger good practices into our educative communities. 

If you are interested or you know any person who would be interested, please contact us at our official e-mail address:

Thank you for your attention.

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IES Bellaguarda

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