Aneu a la barra d'eines


The students of BELLAGUARDA High School take part in the project AMBASSADOR SCHOOLS in Europe, started by the European Parliament.

Thus, in this school year 2020-21, they are doing the following project:


The European Parliament broadcast a video in January 2021 called NO MORE MATILDAS, about Matilda Joslyn Gage, a scientist who was not recognised enough because she was a woman. This fact of invisibility of women’s work and findings through history is an issue which the European Parliament is very concerned about.

Inside this framework, classes 4th ESO C and D watched the video NO MORE MATILDAS in English class and were encouraged to search for more information about more European women in the field of science. The result has been the project EUROPEAN WOMEN IN SCIENCE, which they have been working on during the months of March and April in English class.

These are their presentations.