Portfolio de lenguas: What to do if a student…

Task: What to do if a student…

Teacher: Pau Millán Carbonell

Group: 1GSIS

Class: CV0003 - English

Language used in class: English

Target language of the task: English

Description of the task:

Students of the vocational training course 'Early Years Education' had to create a video in which they explained to other teachers at their school what to do in case of different emergency situations: if a student faints, if they fall, if they choke… etc.!

In order to do so, we structured the content in the following way:

FIRST STEPS: students studied the vocabulary and grammar necessary to do this task. We have to take into account that this is blended-learning, so students normally stay at home and follow the English course online, coming to class just once a week (if necessary).

MAIN STEPS: students created a draft that later would be a piece of writing with the steps of what to do in case of (whatever emergency situation they chose). Once this was written and submitted through AULES (online platform), pupils got them corrected and, with this feedback, they were able to record themselves at home in order to create a video tutorial with their explanation.

FINAL STEPS: students submitted the final recording version of their tutorial and got feedback from the teacher.

Evidence: two videos showing how different the final products can be, since one pupil created theirs with slides and CANVA meanwhile other recorded it in front of the camera with very nice acting skills!