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COMMON ROOTS MAKE YOU is an Erasmus + project in which all the schools involved have worked on the cultural traditions of our towns, from a European inclusive perspective, of integration and enhancing the skills of both students and teachers.

Magazine: Common Roots Make You

In the mobilities and the activities carried out, from the preparation to the implementation and evaluation of results, we have collaborated side by side with all the teaching staff involved. One of the objectives of our work was to make both our students and their families feel integrated in a common context, where there are no borders, where it is easy to communicate despite speaking different languages ​​and understand that there are more things that unite us than what separates us.

The adversities of the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine altered our initial forecasts and forced us to make important changes, such as: giving more weight to the work through eTwinning and changing the dates of the mobilities. However, the difficulties strengthened us and united us even more.

The project was approved in 2019 and due to the pandemic it was extended until 2022. The amount for the organization and the mobilities was €30,930 to our school.

The schools involved in the project have worked hard, we have felt like brothers and we have transmitted this feeling to the entire educational community of each school:

Agrupamento de Escolas de Paço de Arcos, en Portugal.

2nd Gymnasium of Heraklion Crete, en Grècia.

Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych w Józefów nad Wisłą, en Polònia.

Istituto Comprensivo 1 de Frosinone, a Itàlia.

IES Gabriel Ciscar d’Oliva, a Espanya.

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In October 2019, we carried out a mobility programme in Oliva, only for teachers, in order to get to know each other and to structure the lines of work, the mobility, the work in eTwinning that we had been carried out during the years of the project.

Spanish Mobility Video

In December 2019, a mobility event took place in Greece with the participation of 9 students and 3 teachers, where they worked on some aspects of the Christmas traditions of Crete.

Greek Mobility Vídeo

In March 2022, our partners came to Oliva, where we worked on our main party, the fallas, music, gastronomy, our monument, the mascletà… 22 students and 13 teachers from our school participated. Most of the activities we did were shared by the primary school (Alafadalí) next to us.

Second Spanish Mobility Video

In April 2022 we went to Italy to celebrate the Frosinone carnivals. We travelled to Italy with 11 students and 2 teachers.

Italian Mobility Video

In June 2022 we were in Paço de Arcos, in Portugal, where we shared the traditions of popular saints. We travelled with 6 students and 3 teachers.

Portuguese Mobility Video

In July 2022 we will carry out a mobility in Poland, postponed due to the war in Ukraine. We went with 3 students and 3 teachers and shared the traditions of Easter in Józefów nad Wisłą.

Polish Mobility Video

Erasmus projects change our lives, they create so strong bonds, feelings, that they will last forever.

Polish Mobility Video 2

Auxiliary Materials

Cretan Travel Diary.

Italian Travel Diary.

Spanish Travel Diary.

Portuguese Travel Diary.

Polish Travel Diary.




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