Our school

Our school is a state language school funded by the regional government. We offer courses of English, German, French and Valencian. Our students are between 14 and 70 years old.

The courses are mainly in the afternoons, but we have some English courses in the morning.

International Teachers

We are also willing to receive international teachers interested in learning from our methodology and exchanging teaching-learning experiences.

In March 2023 we enjoyed the visit of Manuel Pfeifer from the Weimer-Niederwalgern secondary school. It was an excellent experience for our students and for all the staff.

Watch Manuel’s opinion about our school!▶️

Manuel Pfeifer, our visiting teacher form Germany.


We are also looking forward to welcoming graduates, who want to spend a good time with our students and job shadow our lesson.

In April 2022 we enjoyed the visit of Johny Orr, a student from London, who really encouraged our students to practice their speaking habilities in English and German. The exchange was not only linguistic but also cultural. It was a true gift having him at our school!

Read here about Johny’s experience at our school:

My internship at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Ontinyent was fantastic. It was a pleasure to work with the teachers there, who are all really friendly and know how to teach languages effectively. It’s a wonderful place to work.

Language assistants

At our school, we organise cultural and linguistic activities with native speakers.

Last week, some language assistants located in our city came to our school to talk to our students. They explained how well they feel here and gave us some information about their hometowns.

It was a pleasure to host them and our students really enjoyed their visit!

Always in contact with people from other countries

We are constantly looking for partners with whom we can learn from other cultures, practice language and accumulate nice educational experiences.
Since 2022 we meet regulary with Tommy, a german musician located in our town. Our German students are always keen on talking to him and practice their speaking habilities.

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