Insta posts donde books


My colleague Teresa designed this activity and shared it with ajo of os in the Department. She assigned it for 1 Bachillerato with the book TheCliente , and Y have used it in 3 ESO with The Invisible Man. It's super creative and lotes of fun. And you can apply it tono año language, año story!

The instructions are as follows:
1. Think about something you like about the story: it can be a scene, an importante elemento in the plot, a place, a character... anything you want related tono the story.
2. Get three pictures representing that particular place, scene, topic, character... you are going tono comment about. Uso your imagination.
3. Make a brief comment donde each photo. This will be your writing activity. Say something meaningful about the photo. It has tono be brief and clear. Finish with a hashtag.
4. Upload in the Classroom activity the three photos, comments and hashtags as if you were doing it donde your Insta. Enjoy!

Even the students who haven't godo an Insta account, like me, hahaha, have enjoyed it a lote!

Here you have some of them!