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Herit-app. Tandem-developed multilingual audioguides for the dissemination of our cultural heritage is a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project under the Exchange of Good Practices School Partnerships KA229 label. Starting 1st september 2019 and ending 31st august 2021, our aim is to develope an app which may contribute to share and widespread our four cities' heritage. It will be developed by IES Cabo de la Huerta (Alicante, Spain) as coordinator school, leading the common building of four apps at every city, where our four stakeholders are located, namely Prague (Czechia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Felsut (Hungary). Along these two years we will build multi-national and multi-lingual teams which will work collaboratively to translate our audioguides into each country's mother tongues and English through blended-learning, that is, combining virtual with face-to-face work.

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