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Internship teamleader:

What is FCT, internships in companies?

All VET courses include a phase of practical training in the company, this phase is developed through the professional module of Work Center Training (FCT initialism in Spanish); It does not have an employment nature or a scholarship relationship and is carried out, once all the professional modules of the VET have been passed, in the real environment of the company.

For all purposes, these are students enrolled in regulated education who do not have the characteristics of employees and therefore do not involve any remuneration.

Students must pass the FCT with positive marks to obtain any Vocational Training degree.

A Tutor from the Educational Center and a Tutor from the Work Center (instructor) are appointed to define the training program to be carried out by the student, coordinate its development, set the dates of the visits and evaluate the performance as well, issuing the appropriate reports.

The duration of the internship period, both in intermediate and higher grades, cannot exceed 400 hours.

The daily duration of the training day at the workplace must be equal to or close to the company’s working hours, generally between 7 am and 10 pm, with a maximum of 8 hours per day.

Periodic and mandatory follow-up meetings will be held with the FCT tutor at the educational center.

The student’s activity must comply with the training program established by the FCT Tutor with the collaborating company, so tasks outside the qualification profile associated with the corresponding VET course will be avoided.

The FCT is carried out throughout the school year, mainly in two periods:

The period from September to December.

The period from March to June.

The specific schedules of completion are agreed between the tutors of the educational center and the company according to the hours of each professional profile within the periods previously mentioned in an annexe to the agreement for each student.

The company or entity to participate in these practices must first carry out the procedure of signing the agreement, which includes a period of time, which must be taken into account when starting the collaboration with the center.