In addition to the general Secondary Education and Senior classrooms and the specific ones for the Vocational Training, of which 8 are dedicated computer labs, the Center has:

  • Commerce classroom / workshop.
    Classroom to develop skills and aptitudes in the operational and documentary management of procedures related to trade with a more practical approach and closer simulation to the work environment. The trade classroom / workshop facilities available are designed in such a way that they exceed the requirements established by the regulations to impart certificates of professionalism of Sales Activities, Sales Commercial Management, Organization and Warehouse Management and other courses to train specialists in this subject.
  • ICT practice laboratory.
    The computer lab is a very complete room for training the understanding of computer programs, such as Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, HTML5, etc. In short, it is a space to study, experiment and learn the operation of computer programs and practice their use.
  • Music classroom.
    The music classroom is a space to delight in details and various teachings about music. Experiment and learn the operation of various musical aspects and practice their use in a classroom prepared (and soundproofed) for this purpose.
  • Two drawing rooms.
    The drawing classrooms are born from the conjunction of the commitment to bring the curriculum closer to the students (with a clear intention of making them participate in their education and integrated into the educational process) and from the search for beauty as an educating element of citizens, discovering themselves through the enjoyment of artistic creation and the experience of it.
  • Two technology classrooms.
    The importance of these two technology classrooms are fundamental for learning technology, from a theoretical and practical approach. A good organization of materials, tools, latest technologies and machines contributes to the proper functioning of the class and the proper development of projects
  • A Biology and Geology laboratory.
    The extent of the classroom allows for the possibilities of interaction and can range from working on scientific studies to studying the behaviour of live animals. It is organized in the sections: general non-specific techniques, techniques in Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry and Geology.
  • A Physics and Chemistry laboratory.
    This classroom helps everyone to have an agile climate of participation with respect to the activities carried out in Physics and Chemistry. A commitment that goes beyond basic support, going above the set boundaries to achieve excellence in the context of physics and chemistry in a practical way.
  • A specific classroom for the Curriculum Diversification Program.
    This classroom allows the development of Diversification Curriculum programs to encourage a balance of the abilities of the students (cognitive, motor, emotional or personal balance, interpersonal relationship and social interaction). These attributes must evolve and are recorded as they improve.
  • Two computer rooms for general use.
    Computer room for general use allows a practical approach to a digital environment. It contains the necessary IT elements (state-of-the-art and constantly renewed) for a highly satisfying digital experience.
  • A gymnasium.
    This space is a dedicated installation for Physical Education, the development of the body through sports practice.
  • Two changing rooms for boys and another two for girls.
    These rooms are intended for changing clothes.
  • School’s playground and two covered interior spaces.
    Fantastic multidisciplinary spaces for various uses and with splendid natural lighting.
  • An Assembly Hall, with an approximate capacity of 400 people.
    A grand multifunctional space equipped with modern equipment, as well as multifunctional elements, in which, the furniture can be adapted to the needs of the event. It can be used for several purposes: for conferences and presentations, theatre, live music, performances …
  • A library.
    It constitutes a space for students to study and loan books, as well as Internet access. For two years, they have been improving their services effectively through the Reading Promotion Plan.
  • Teachers’ room equipped with computers with Internet connection.
    This classroom is a spacious and bright place for work and planning, in which teachers interact with their peers, but it is also a space for relaxation, rest and coexistence.
  • Office of Work Center Training.
    Classroom for the coordination of in-house company practical training, work experience. Which takes place in the workplace and that as a general rule, should be carried out, once all the professional modules of the vocational training have been completed.
  • Parents meeting room.
    This room is ideal for holding meetings between the teaching staff and parents to discuss any educational element of their children. A multifunctional space.
  • “Teachers on duty” room and behaviour adjusting room.
    These sets of rooms show that the school is dedicated to guiding and helping students.
  • School cafeteria.
    Meeting place in the educational center where coffee is served. In general, this venue also offers food and drinks and space for students and teachers to have a break.