6é A ARTS & CRAFTS – From 21st to 24th April

Name bug craft

This week we are going to work symmetry and reflection.

You just need a piece of paper, a pencil and any material to paint (markers, felt tip pens, crayons,…).

Instructions: 1. Fold a piece of paper in half.

  1. Write your name with a pencil along the crease of the paper. The letters must be LARGE.

  1. Refold the paper.
  2. Write over the folded paper several times so your name can be written on the other half of the paper. You can use a window to do it better.
  3. Open the paper and trace both names one more time.
  4. Paint the inside of the letters, using the same colour on each side of a letter. HAVE FUN!


Here you have a sample of a name bug craft:


Below you have a website with instructions and some final products



*Write your name, surname, class and arts and crafts’ group



*Take one or two photos with the mobile phone/tablet and send them to my email pastor_pabbar@gva.es (specifying in the subject line or in the content the name of the task, your name, surname and class. For example: Name craft Nayara Rodríguez 6th A).

*Save the task because you can bring it to school