Digital Plan for Schools

The Digital Learning Plan represents a unique and unmissable opportunity for the transformation of all the schools in the Valencian Region. The transforming action of the orderly use of ICT in schools will develop the digital competence of teachers and will energise the whole teaching and learning processes. Thanks to the development and implementation of the School Digital Plans, the educational community as a whole will benefit from this transformation and our schools will turn into digitally-competent educational organisations. 

Among the possibilities that arise from this transformation, the improvement of the digital competence of students and teachers is worth mentioning, taking into account inclusion and accessibility criteria. In this way, the educational community will be better prepared to face the challenges of the new era. 

This digitisation process calls for all members of the educational community to get involved. This should feel like a shared project where everybody is hands-on and ready to learn. To do so, schools will receive assistance from our mentors who will guide, support and collaborate in the design of their School Digital Plan (SDP). 


The SDP will be carried out in the following phases:

  • Phase I: Awareness. In this phase, to get the project set up, the school Digital Plan (SDP) teams are created and the training offer regarding educational digital competence is developed.
  • Phase II: Diagnosis. This phase is key to be able to analyze the situation of schools in relation to their digital competence. To do so, the SELFIE tool is used, which allows the users to obtain in a secure and anonymous way detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of schools in terms of digital skills.
  • Phase III: Design. In this phase, the design and development of digital plans begins.
  • Phase IV: Implementation and evaluation. During this last phase, the schools’ digital plans are implemented and assessed. To do so, the reference consultants help the centers at all times to complete the phases of the project, and to prepare the necessary documentation.