The development and implementation of the Digital Learning Plan is carried out with the purpose of: 

This plan seeks primarily to:

  • Promote the development of the digital competence of both students and teachers.  
  • Optimise skills in the use of digital technologies in learning.  
  • Transform schools into digitally-competent organisations.  

These general milestones are set out in two major sections: 


Ensure that all schools have a Digital Plan as part of their School Educational Project that structures the organisational and academic strategies undertaken collectively for the transformation of the school into a digitally-competent organisation.

Facilitate the improvement of the digital competece of teacher and members of the team responsible for the School’s Digital Plan. The designation of these levels is generic and will be specified or replaced by the one established in the updated framework.

Certify the degree of digital competence of teachers.


Improve schools supplies to respond to the educational needs of students through digital media.

Improve the access of students from vulnerable sectors to mobile devices that facilitate the continuity of their learning process whith greater guarantees.

Generalise access to sufficient digital media in all classrooms, which ensure the teaching and learning processes for competency development in accordande with the needs of the society of the 21st century.

Provide schools with an adequate framework in terms of digital media, which facilitates the design and development of a Digital Plan for Schools that is appropiate for and customised to their school community.

Provide adequate technical training aimed at teachers that allow them to get to know and become familiar with the operation of the technological provisions with which their schools are supplied.

Reduce digital gaps of use and access to promote equal opportunities in education.

Facilitate the development of daily teaching and learning tasks from any location, either face-to-face, remote or hybrid teaching situations.