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My colleague Teresa designed this activity and shared it with all of us in the Department. She assigned it for 1 Bachillerato with the book The Client, and I have used it in 3 ESO with The Invisible Man. It's super creative and lots of fun. And you can apply it to any language, any story!

The instructions are as follows:
1. Think about something you like about the story: it can be a scene, an important element in the plot, a place, a character... anything you want related to the story.
2. Get three pictures representing that particular place, scene, topic, character... you are going to comment about. Use your imagination.
3. Make a brief comment on each photo. This will be your writing activity. Say something meaningful about the photo. It has to be brief and clear. Finish with a hashtag.
4. Upload in the Classroom activity the three photos, comments and hashtags as if you were doing it on your Insta. Enjoy!

Even the students who haven't got an Insta account, like me, hahaha, have enjoyed it a lot!

Here you have some of them!

Vampire Boys


One friday night Jay was walking home from her football training when he heard a shout near the park , he decided to go to have a look and he saw her brother on the floor and his neck with a bit and lot of blood around. When he took her brother at home , his neck began to heal and Jay got very nervous and he got scared sota Mike , the dead brother started to explain Jay that he is a vampire.

Jay couldn´t believe it and he fainted from fight but when he woke up again he was also a vampire , the two brothers didn't believe it , they only know that they were very hungry , hunger of blood they only think about blood and blood , they trying to stopped those thoughts with alcohol but this didn't work, that's why the two brothers went out to search people to kill and drink her blood. Jay and Mike passed all the night killing people and in the morning when the sun set they skin began to burn and immediately they went home when the sun didn't burn it , but when they arrived home Allison , Jay and Mike mother was at home and his hunger of blood showed up again…

One week after that the town started to suspect why the two brothers only went out home at nights and anyone saw Allison in anywhere plau of the town although now they only eat animal blood the corpses of the people that they had killed and her mother Allison were still missing because they throw it to the river and none know her secret but the two brothers still running away with a lot of hunger of blood , human blood…

This is a true history be careful at nights …

With love Allison

The English Challenge

Des del departament d'anglés hem llançat una iniciativa perquè els nostres alumnes treballen la llengua anglesa d'una manera molt més amena i divertida durant el llarg confinament. Ho hem anomenat l'English Challenge i copiant els challenges que inunden les xarxes socials els hem proposat 5 reptes que inclouen l'ús de la llengua anglesa d'una forma creativa, per a optar a pujar fins a 0’5 punts la seua nota mitjana:
Challenge 1: Gravar un vídeo explicant com realitzar una manualitat.
Challenge 2: Aprendre una cançó en anglés
Challenge 3: Aprendre un poema en anglés
Challenge 4: Aprendre un embarbussament en anglés
Challenge 5: Reproduir el dialogue d'una de les seues sèries o pel·lícules favorites.

Intentem que aprenguen a usar tot el material que els envolta com una font més per al seu aprenentatge: la música, les sèries, les pel·lícules… i que es divertisquen experimentant i provant-se a si mateixos.