Eramus+ Caminàs

In our school, we have been dealing for long with international projects in order to share our experience with other countries. Erasmus+, Eurodyssee and other exchange opportunities are constantly being created by our teachers for our students. We are always looking for iniciatives taking into account european standards with the intention of improving our teaching quality. Have a look at our previous experiences here and please don’t hesitate to contact for further information.

Al nostre centre, duem anys portant a terme projectes internacionals per tal de compartir la nostra experiència amb altres països. De manera constant, el nostre professorat està creant oportunitats per tal d’afavorir el nostre alumnat. Incansablement, busquem iniciatives per a la millora de la qualitat educativa seguint els estàndards europeus. Ací hi ha una mostra d’algunes de les nostres experiències. No dubteu a contactar per a més informació.