ERASMUS+ 2022-2023 Pràctiques d’Automatització i Robòtica Industrial a Alemanya

ROGRAMA ERASMUS+ KA131-HED “Mobilitat per a pràctiques”
Pràctiques d’Automatització i Robòtica Industrial a Alemanya
Abril-juny 2023

Carlos R.
CFGS Automatizació i Robòtica Industrial

Hallo! Ich heiße Carlos und studiere Automatisierung und Industrierobotik an der spanischen Berufsschule IES Salvador Gadea.

Currently, I am doing my internship at Michelin factory in Bad Kreuznach, a small town in Germany. I work in the Automation office, which is responsible for the maintenance and updating of production machines controlled by PLC. I perform most of my tasks in the office, where we are responsible for designing the schematics for any changes in the machinery, developing the necessary software for the update, and implementing it in the factory. In the office there is a small table for interns with all kinds of materials to learn about the software and hardware used by Michelin. In addition, we have a break room for coffee and a restaurant within the factory to eat during our 45-minute mid-morning break. In the restaurant, you can find four different options to eat every day at a super affordable price.

I am staying in a small village called Sponheim. It is a very small town located about 15 kilometres from the factory, and the bus stop is just two minutes away from the house. There aren’t any cars in the village, which is located on top of a hill, so breathing there is an incredible experience. The views are unbeatable, and you can find all kinds of animals around here: chickens, donkeys, horses, cows, geese, raccoons, foxes, and even deer. The people of Sponheim are extremely friendly and always willing to chat when you cross paths with them on the street.

The other village where I spend most of my time in Germany is Bad Kreuznach. It is larger than Sponheim but still a small town. The city center consists of several streets around the river that divides the city. Several bridges cross the river in different places, making it quite easy to get around. The city center is full of cafes where you can go at weekends and have fun. There is also a cinema and an auditorium where classical and alternative music concerts are held. From Bad Kreuznach, you can take trains to almost anywhere, connecting to Frankfurt in less than an hour.

The Erasmus program is with no doubt a great opportunity to travel, learn about another culture, meet different people, and practise a language in an immersive way. And the experience of working in a foreign company and learning how to work abroad can teach you many things that can help you find a job in Spain later. An experience like this is undoubtedly a perfect line for your CV. So don’t hesitate to apply for an Erasmus scholarship; opportunity doesn’t knock twice!