Living in Budapest for one week was a great experience doe to I had the oportunity to spend the week with two different families.

The first two days, I stayed with my friend Spanish friend’s hungarian family’s house. It seemed the typical american house. I met her mom, she was so lovely and sweet with us  since we arrived at the airport and that made me feel really well because I was nervuos before  meeting them.

At home I felt like I was with someone that I knew since I was young. They always talked to us, played games with us and that made us feel confortable. The best moments for us were the musical concerts we had  in the car while driving on the way home. On Saturday, finally I met my family. My host mom, my hungarian went with us to have dinner. We enjoyed the typical food from Hungary and we loved it.

My hungarian family was a huge family, they were four sisters, three brothers and my partner. And then if we count the pets, they have 3 horses, 2 cats and 2 dogs that were so nicely. The experience with the brothers and sisters was a little extrange because they were not always there so I couldn’t see them a lot and when I saw them they didn’t talk too much to me. Every day I met one sibling more, it was crazy.

My host mom only speaks a little English and in spite of that she tried every day to give me conversation. When I came back from school she always gave me some souvenirs from budapest and the village where they lived, she is so sweet. I loved her like a second mom.

I forgot to talk about my partner, since I met her in Valencia we matched so fast and here was the best moment when we spend time together. She is lovely, beautiful, sweet and nicely and I think the teachers do it well when they put us together.

Being there is a new experience and maybe you are scared to go to another contry without knwing anyone but you should try it. Maybe you find a new sister like me when I found Bora.

Text: student Diana Sánchez