STEM Women


Digital transformation is affecting all areas of our lives and is changing the world we live in. The way we work, communicate and interact is being transformed every day by new technologies.

Do you know what STEM studies or STEM professions are? It is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are are considered to be the jobs of the future -or the present, since more than 120,000 vacancies in the technology sector are believed to be unfilled. Indeed, digital profiles are the most sought-after, highest-paying jobs.

At Severo Ochoa school, we do not want to be left behind with this technological conversion. Our VET offer includes the full range of professional studies within the IT field.


IT Educational offer

STEM: the future jobs

STEM employment

Not only do they provide more job opportunities, they are also the highest-paying jobs and under the best conditions.

Average salary

In addition, they also have more stable (permanent) employment contracts, and benefits such as more flexible working hours and the possibility of working remotely.

Sounds good, isn´t it? However, let me show other graphs that we have to change...

studies Gender

There is no real reason for this gender gap in the studies and jobs of the future.


  • Did you know that the achievement degree in these studies is higher for women than for men? In other words, women have a higher success rate in completing these studies.
  • Did you know that many companies admit and want to hire women in their vacant technological positions?
  • In addition, the satisfaction and labour integration of female IT students is very high.
  • We cannot fail to be part of this technological revolution that is transforming our world. At Severo Ochoa school, we want to be involved in this transformation. Will you join us?