Emprén Programme


At Severo Ochoa school, VET studies play an essential role. For this reason, it is a school in constant evolution which involved in multiple initiatives and improving projects. We belong to the Collaborative Digital School Project promoted by Valencian Council for Education. Also, we are part of the Novigi VET network and one of the Schools of Excellence of the Valencian Community. This prominence in VET studies makes it necessary to provide a full, interdisciplinary approach to ENTREPRENEURSHIP, making the EMPRÉN classroom the cornerstone of this project.

Project aims:

  • Promote entrepreneurial culture with actual entrepreneurial experiences, promoted and guided by the school and the EMPRÉN programme.
  • Encourage multidisciplinary work. To raise awareness and integrate entrepreneurship in the school and its curriculum, with special emphasis on VET, by promoting active methodologies that encourage creativity, innovation and the integration of 'soft skills' in a multidisciplinary way.
  • Enhance students' professional, personal and social competences in entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur's professional skills will largely depend on the context and the time in which he/she develops an initiative. However, social, personal skills are the foundations on which a venture's success is based. Through experiences such as 'the entrepreneur's café' or the analysis of successful business ventures, we will show which competencies are needed for a start-up: confidence, self-control, motivation, commitment, initiative...
  • Channel students' entrepreneurial initiatives through a network of collaboration, cooperation and alliances between the school and its socioeconomic partners.