Erasmus+ in Malta

Within the framework of the international Erasmus+ programme, code KA122-VET-000075721, two professors from our centre, José Antonio, ICT manager and professor of computer science, and Álvaro, director of the centre and professor of technology, went on a training course in Malta related to CLIL technology. A duration of two weeks.

CLIL «Content and Language Integrated Learning», translated as «Integrated Language Learning and Content» is a methodology that aims to learn a second language while learning a subject without reducing the learning objectives of the subject itself.

Malta was chosen for its long successful experience in learning English as a second language. Being their first language Maltese, when they reach the baccalaureate they already have a sufficient command of English to learn a subject in immersion.

When we say that a subject is studied in another language, we usually think that the only option is immersion, that is, that all the contents, activities and exercises are done in the target language. This system does not usually work, however, the CLIL method, also used in Ireland to teach Gaelic, has its success guaranteed.

In the course we learned the basic principles of CLIL, the five C’s, numerous Scaffolding techniques (scaffolding) as well as useful applications for work.

As a result of this training, throughout the course 23-24, in our educational center we will form a working group to deepen the methodology and related techniques, and thus apply it in a lasting way in our Linguistic Project Center, which includes in English and Catalan.

En of one of our workshops with our partners from Italy, Pland and Slovaquia, and our teacher.
Finalization and certificates with our second teacher.