Erasmus+ partner call

This is a brief introduction to our school plans and interests in order to invite Erasmus+ partners.

We are ERASMUS+ newcomers. Our centre has little ERASMUS+ experience but a lot of enthusiasm in implementing projects at all levels. We got the ECHE award (European Chart for Higher Education), and the KA1-VET acreditation.

Our school provides:

  • Compulsory Secondary Education, (13-16 years old), (about 300 pupils)
  • High School on Science, Social Science and Humanities (17-18 years old), (75 students)
  • Vocational Education Training (17-18 years of age)(EQF4) in Administration and Computer Science, (120 students)
  • Vocational Higher Education (18+ years of age)(EQF5) in International Trade, Transport and Logistics, Administration and Finances and Computer Science (200 students)

Currently we are working in these remarkable projects:

  • Entrepreneurship Classroom.
  • Plurlingual Education (English, French and Catalan)
  • School Radio
  • School Conflict Mediation.
  • Digital Education (based on Office365 and Teams)
  • Welcoming program for new students from other countries who do not know the Spanish language. Mainly Northafrican origin.
  • We have good inclusion practices.

We are currently planning an education program in sustainability. For this reason, we are mainly interested in visiting schools that have a Sustainable Development program or activities to show.

We don’t have the KA1-SCH acreditation yet.

We would like to find partners from other countries to carry out KA1 projects. We are thinking of Job Shadowings for the next academic year, and after that, to plan, for the following years, pupils exchange projects, short or long term ones, mainly in English, French or Spanish.

For the next academic year it would be grateful to invite experts in our school to teach us on Sustainability, subject in which we have little experience.

Even if you are not interested in a long term collaboration, we would appreciate if you show us your most interesting projects, mainly if they are on Sustainability

We would also like to find partners to carry out pupil exchanges and internships in companies with vocational training students, both middle (16-17) and Higher Education (HED) (18+).

We do not rule out other options such as a KA2 or eTwinning projects.

Whether you are an experienced centre or not, if you are interested on us, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to:

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