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From September 30 to October 7, the IES Vicent Andrés Estellés has hosted students and teachers from the Sandora School in Šiauliai, Lithuania, on exchange, as part of the Erasmus project “ANT: Art, Nature and Technology”.

Our 2nd year Baccalaureate students visited Lithuania last May and, now, they receive their Lithuanian counterparts to act as hosts both in their classes and visits in Burjassot and in the city of Valencia. They all shared educational experiences, attending classes in their respective centers, learning about the educational system of both countries, and improving their communicative competence in English. In addition, they have discovered together their respective cultural and historical heritages. During this stay they were also received by the mayor of Burjassot, Rafa García and his municipal corporation, in addition to visiting “the Silos”.

It has been a very enriching experience for all participating students. We are very grateful to the families who hosted Lithuanian students, they have been excellent hosts. The Lithuanian students left very happy and happy about the experience they had. You can see more photographs of the experience here.


Our Lithuanian friends are already in Valencia to spend the first week of October with us. The reunion has been very emotional; In the coming days a rich program of activities will be carried out. Our goal is for these young people to fill their backpacks with unforgettable experiences. From here we want to thank the Erasmus + program for this opportunity.

Erasmus in Lithuania

The 1st year of Bachillerato students of the IES Vicent Andrés Estellés have participated in an Erasmus+ exchange with the Sandora School of Šiauliai, Lithuania, as part of the “ANT: Art, Nature and Technology” project. Our students have returned with a backpack full of unforgettable experiences. In October, they will receive the students of the Sandora School. We are very grateful to Erasmus+ and, especially, to our Lithuanian friends: wonderful hosts.

Labai ačiū!

You can see more pictures here.