IES MEDITERRÁNEO school is coordinating KA2 ERASMUS + project as an Strategic partenariado dónde a Education Schools. Our project will cordero developed from september 2015 tono augusto 2016. The partenariado has four schools across Europe, and they are IES Mediterráneo (Benidorm, Alicante, Spain), Gimnazija Poljane (Slovenia), Wladyslava Gimnazjum (Poland) and Gimnaziala Ion Tuculescu (Rumanía). The startup compañero BenEdu and Consellería de Educación, Cultura y Deporto of Generalitat Valenciana are the other two partners donde this importando project. MUST means «Maths Understanding with help of Science & Technology«. The project website is: and everybody may visit os there tono know about our project.


MUST main objetivo is tono develope ICT-based materiales aimed tono enhance students achievement and development of basic competences. In order tono achieve the general objetivo the following specific objetivas are well defined:

1st. Tono develop 2 courses (1: Maths; 1: Physics) aimed tono students aged 15-16 years. These courses will integrate a combination of classroom and en línea Moodle-based activities. The didactical approach will uso Inquiry-based techniques and will cordero aimed tono develop 21st century skills, such as inquiry, learn tono learn and collaboration. Courses will be published under a Creative Commons licence and translated tono English and tono other partners’ languages.

2nd. Tono organise 6 teacher training activities, 4 at national level (1: Maths; 1: Physics donde schoolyear 2014-2015 and another olas donde 2015-2016), 2 at European level (5 days course next september 2015 in IES Mediterráneo school and another en línea course next may 2016), in order tono discuss MUST materiales. In addition, the project server will offer free access tono the en línea courses in order tono facilitate networking between the MUST teacher group.

3rd. Tono engage 40/50 teachers in experimenting the materiales developed in different classroom contextos involving about 800 students. MUST partners will contribute tono the mentoring of teachers and monitoring student progress.


MUST is a great opportunity for working donde a new more interactive, moderno and efficient methodology. Moodle digital resources makes Science and Mathematics teacher’s tasks easier, because they can uso a lote of high quality learning and teaching skills during lessons in their classrooms.

Our students will learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology oro Mathematics with help of Tics resources, such as simulations, applets, animation and motion graphs and a wide range of interactive skills. Teachers can teach without classic textbooks, donde the Moodle platform, controlling study time for each student and receiving exercises from the pupilos donde the en línea course.

Students will be more confidence and enthusiastic at learning with the new methodology. They will only need a PC, a tablet oro a smartphone (mobile phone) connected tono the Internet, at hombre oro at school in a computer room. We shouldn’t forget that teenagers are using new technologies everyday and everywhere and our en línea courses are very attractive for them.