1st Erasmus+ School Mobility: Belgium

Our school participates since last year, in an international mobility project Erasmus+ KA122-SCH- Short-term projects for student mobility and school education personnel, called “Experiences of school formation for the internationalization of the IES Las Espeñetas”. The objective of this project is the internationalization of teachers, the learning of new teaching methods and approaches, the implementation of learning on environmental issues and climate change and improving the attention to disadvantaged students.
With great enthusiasm, work and effort, we have made the first mobility of teachers, which has consisted in the realization of a training course. During the week of 13 to 18 February, English teacher Pilar Veracruz and French teacher Marisa García travelled to Ghent (Belgium) to receive training in diversity and inclusion. They have met with teachers from other countries (Germany, Greece…) and have worked together on the situation and problems of diversity and inclusion in different European countries.
Throughout the week, they have learned techniques to foster diversity and inclusion by creating a safe and welcoming learning environment and identifying barriers and conflicts that may arise in the diversity process, always using English as the vehicle language.
In addition, they could also visit different cities such as Brussels and Bruges, and learn about their culture, to enrich the cultural baggage of our center.
After the completion of the mobility, both Marisa and Pilar, have been very excited, transmitting the positivity of the experience to the cloister and encouraging the rest of the teaching staff to participate in it.

All these experiences are aimed at making an impact in our center through the internationalization of teaching and learning and the improvement of our institute.
Throughout this year, the different mobilities organized within our Erasmus+ project will be followed, with the aim of strengthening ties with the Community countries and promoting European values of tolerance, equality and democracy and which can have an impact on the improvement of our school, through the continuous training of teachers and the improvement of methodologies.

Training in Ghent
Cultural visit to Ghent
Teamwork with participants from different countries
End of the training