Espectáculo de marionetas de sombras

Shadow Puppets Show

As some of you may already know, during the cultural day at IES Playa San Juan, which was the 5th of April, a group of third of ESO students from the enrichment class made a special play for everyone to enjoy during their last day there before going into holidays. This wasn’t a normal play though, it was with shadow puppets!

This idea was brought by Clarence. He explained that these kinds of plays are typical of where he is from, the Philippines, and he saw this as an opportunity for people to learn more about his culture.

So, with the assistance of both José Ignacio del Barco and Clarence Barreyro, the language assistant, this group of students were able to bring such a magnificent idea to life.

All the characters from the play were based on monsters from fairy tales from the Philippines. The story was about a demon that kidnapped a princess by using lies and tricks, with the goal of marrying her. But after many battles, and even the intervention of some gods, the princess ends up returning home safely, and everyone (except for the demon) lives happily ever after.

Text by Eva Didarova

Puppeteers: Daniel, Lú, Lorenzo, David, Lucía B., Lía, Lucía M., Eva, Manu, Eneko, Ignacio, Sofía, Diego, Mateo and Giulia.

Here you have some photos: