IES María Blasco recovers after the pandemic the exchange of 1st Bachillerato with the Netherlands

From March 14 to 21, a group of 17 students from the 1st Baccalaureate of the IES María Blasco together received 17 Dutch students from Udens College in Uden (Netherlands) in their homes. During these 7 intense days, a program has been carried out aimed at ways to combat climate change, between cultural visits.

Highlight the reception by the mayor of San Vicente and the talks by Celsa Monrós, General Director of Climate Change in the Valencian Community who explained in the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia the actions that the Department is taking to, at the same time, raise awareness among the population and mitigate climate change. The visit to the University of Alicante was also especially relevant, among other visits, the renowned expert Jorge Olcina received them in the climate laboratory of the University of Alicante.

This has been the first part of the exchange. In June the students of the IES María Blasco will return the visit. For the students and their families, it has been a very enriching life experience that opens and brings our students closer to the European reality.