Purposes and functions

The purposes of the Applied Digital Innovation Center are:

  • Research in the field of digitization of Vocational Training and innovation, promoting the relationship between the centers that provide vocational training, with companies, with the Valencian Community technology centers, with the different university research departments and with the “Digital District” project of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Coordination, with the Specific Vocational Training Teacher Training Centers, to develop a model for the application of emerging technologies that are emerging in training centers, in the field of teachers.
  • The promotion of advanced training environments, in which digitization can improve learning processes and help reduce the digital divide in the field of the Vocational Training system.
  • Progress in the internationalization of Vocational Training and collaboration with educational entities and international organizations for the improvement of Vocational Training teaching in relation to digitization.
  • The promotion of research on applied innovation models that can be implemented in educational centers, the work of teachers and the training of students.
  • The contribution to the achievement of the objectives related to innovation and digitization defined in the corresponding “Plá Valencià d’impuls i milillora de la Formació Professional”.
  • Promote the application of quality assurance models in the learning and development of Vocational Training.
  • Promote sustainability from Vocational Training.

To do this, the CIDA must perform the following functions:

  • Promote the processes of technological and digital innovation in the Professional Training of the Valencian Community, in order to make it more competitive and dynamic.
  • Define, implement and monitor plans that promote technological innovation in the Network of Integrated Vocational Training Centers, the National Reference Centers and the Network of Institutes of Excellence for Vocational Training of the Valencian Community.
  • Collaborate with the centers that provide professional training, in the development of digital processes or products and the application of these, in all professional families of the Professional training system.
  • Share experiences and projects at the national level or with other countries of the European Union to create synergies and common projects that improve the application of digital technologies.
  • Develop advanced digitization projects, in collaboration with entities of the Generalitat Valenciana to anticipate the evolution of the emerging technologies sector.
  • Promote innovation processes in the management of educational centers that provide Vocational Training, where the application of digitization improves management processes or the quality of teaching competence.
  • Participate and collaborate in applied innovation projects between educational centers that provide Vocational Training, between these and business associations for the improvement of production processes, products or services.
  • Help to implement, in most educational centers that provide Vocational Training, virtual vocational training environments or other methodologies that improve Distance Vocational Training.
  • Coordinate with the specific CEFIRE of Professional Training of the Valencian Community training on digital innovation issues related to all professional families of the system.
  • Participate in national and international projects related to the digitization and innovation of Vocational Training. Promote and develop research projects in learning methods in the classroom and in the development of products and / or services, favoring professional training as a way of professionalization.
  • Generate resources and innovative spaces for their use and assignment to Vocational Training centers, promoting interdisciplinary and inter-center cooperation.
  • Carry out all those functions entrusted to it by the General Directorate responsible for Vocational Training of the educational system.