The Advanced Digital Innovation Center of the Valencian Community (CIDA), is the center for the digitalization of the Professional Training whose referents are the applied innovation, research, impulse of the economic transformation and excellence of the competencies of Vocational Training students.

The fundamental objective of CIDA is technological surveillance, the development of new learning methodologies, applied research and innovation and the transfer of the results of R+D+I projects, referenced to all the educational centers that provide Vocational Training in the Valencian Community, contributing to the society with highly qualified professionals.


27 de November de 2023

This education training applied innovation project has as objective to include the technology into the VET degrees program, Higher VET degree transport and logistic and international trading. The immersive reality … Read more

Launch of – A hub for Ecological Restoration Educational Resources

19 de October de 2023

The TEAM#UP project, in which CIDA participates as a partner, announces the official launch of its website,!   TEAM#UP is a four-year venture on June 15, 2023, and extends until … Read more

Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023

21 de September de 2023

Providing today’s talent with the skills to build a great tomorrow  The Center for Advanced Digital Innovation for Vocational Training in the Valencian Community (CIDA) will participate in the event … Read more


20 de September de 2023

The Advanced Digital Innovation Center for Vocational Training of the Valencian Community (CIDA) participate in the event: METASKILLS4TCLF — ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PI-ALL-INNO-BLUEPRINT – KICK OFF MEETING Which will be held next Tuesdasy … Read more

The European project Arvet augmented reality for VET faces its final stretch

8 de July de 2023

Fundeun and its European partners continue to advance in the practical application of an innovative technology applied to synchronous virtual training of students and graduates of Vocational Training. Recently, the … Read more

EURO TECH. ARVET: Multiplier Event

28 de June de 2023

The Advanced Digital Innovation Center for Vocational Training of the Valencian Community (CIDA) organizes the event: “EURO TECH. ARVET: Multiplier Event. CREATING CONSORTIUMS: Companies and VET of the Valencian Community”. … Read more

Talent Exchange XR and Gamming

29 de June de 2023

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE CONFERENCE: Connect companies that demand students with skills in video game development and extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality) with educational centers that … Read more

June 27: “Workshop on Additive Manufacturing and Collaborative Robotics for P.F.: Cases and practical uses in the classroom”.

15 de June de 2023

The objective is to show cases of use of emerging technologies, such as additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics, to the different Professional Families to promote the exchange of experiences and … Read more

TalentTech: Connecting Talent in AI and Big Data

9 de June de 2023

On June 19 will be held the event “TalentTech: Connecting Talent in AI and Big Data“, organized by CIDA in collaboration with the Talent District program. TalentTech is a unique … Read more

Challenges training day #RetosNoCode

1 de June de 2023

Participate in the “No Code Challenges” Day and discover the power of applications without programming!   From the Advanced Digital Innovation Center for Vocational Training and in collaboration with the … Read more

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