Erasmus+ training in Florence

On the 1st July, two teachers from our school travelled to Florence for the KA1 training of the school’s Erasmus project “Experiences in other countries to internationalize IES Las Espeñetas”.

The training was titled “There is an App for That! Exploring the Best Apps for Teaching and Student Learning and Microsoft for Education: Powerful Tools to Create, Share and Inspire” and its main objective is to develop teachers’ digital competences and introduce these tools in our school to create a more inclusive education.

Through this training, different activities were carried out that put into practice new digital tools for classroom management such as Trello, Pear Deck or Nearpod; others ideal for introducing gamification in the classroom such as, Learning Apps, or Goose Chase; we were introduced to the development of video lessons and the inverted classroom methodology; we deepened in all the tools that Microsoft offers us to make our classes more accessible and attractive to students; as well as an introduction to the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the educational context.

It also allowed us to establish contact for future projects with three centres: two in Poland and one in France, and to keep growing thanks to the European programmes.