Last Wednesday, 8th March, International Women's Day was commemorated and our school turned to the celebration of this date by organizing various activities carried out throughout the past week:

  • Exhibition “ Paternity egalitàries ” located in the hall of the institute.
  • Activity “ The women of our lives”. Our students made biographical sheets with the photo and the brief history of the women of their lives. In addition, women (mothers and grandmothers) were invited to participate in tutorials so that they could share a more personal chat with our students.
  • Delivery of our traditional bookmark to all the students and staff of the center.
  •  Photocall “We can do it”
  • “infinite network violet ” inspired by the installations of the artist Yayoi Kusama , transforming the corridor that connects the concierge with the teachers ' room with a network of purple dots .
  • Music related to the theme of the week playing in the patio changes.
  • Literary Corner with three main activities: creative writing, drawn poetry and open micro.
  • Talk of Puri Trini Brotons , recognized retired teacher from Sant Vincent del Raspeig .
  • Conference by Lidia Lacruz Amorós , human resources coordinator of Médecins Sans Frontières who spoke to us about the situation of women in Yemen .
  • photography of our student athletes .

From here congratulate all the teachers and students involved in this very special week for our center.