What is FCT?

The Training in Work Centers (FCT) is a compulsory module for all students who study one of the specialties of Vocational Training. They are carried out during the last months of their studies.

If more information is neede about the FCT in our center, you can call 966904725, or write to the following email: 03011070.fct@edu.gva.es

The duration of the FCT module in the different training cycles taught at the school is:

Administración y GestiónAdministrative ServicesBásico240 h.
Administración y Gestión Management AdministrationMedio380 h.
Administración y Gestión Administration and FinancesSuperior400 h.
Informática y comunicacionesNetworks and Microcomputer SystemsMedio380 h.
Informática y comunicaciones Network Computer Systems AdministrationSuperior400 h.
Informática y comunicaciones Multiplatform Computer Science Applications DevelopementSuperior400 h.
Comercio y MarketingInternational TradeSuperior400 h.
Comercio y MarketingTransport and LogisticsSuperior400 h.