The 26th of January, the students in the 4th year of ESO went to the theatre with their teachers Sonia Molina and Blanca Orruño to see a modern adaptation of Dracula. Two of our students would like to share their reviews:

“Last Friday we went to see a theatre performance in English about Dracula. I personally liked it a lot because, although there were just two actors, they played different roles amazingly and professionally. Three people from the public got the chance to get on the stage during the show, interact with the actors and have some fun. We even had the chance to ask them questions and they answered all of them. Both did an incredible job and they offered us a very good show!”

Valeria Perez 4ºD

“I think the play was a very good one and very fun. The two actors did really well, acting and when they changed scenes. It looked like they knew it very well and it was fun to see people in the crowd being able to participate. They spoke very clearly and, even though some words were not said correctly, it didn’t affect the play. I would say that I enjoyed it, and it was a fun adaptation of Dracula. I am glad I was able to see this play and I would recommend seeing it.”

Alumna Laura Di Tolla 4ºD