Despedida de Mercedes Cabello

Mercedes Cabello, profesora de Inglés y Jefa de Estudios durante varios años de nuestro centro, se despide de nosotros tras su jubilación.


My dear students,

this is not just a formal beginning to convey my message. I mean it – you, my students, are dear to me.

2020 has brought a lot of changes- collective and individual changes, lots of habits to accept, lots of decisions to make. It was not easy for me to make the decision to retire from a profession I loved and enjoyed to the last minute.

I stop to think and I recollect your faces – your eyes and ears (concentrating), your smiles and sometimes tears that inspired me along the way to try and become a better teacher and a better person every day.

I remember the activities and trips we shared in which the use of English was just natural: our trips to Benidorm in order to interview foreign tourists. Our visits to art galleries or to a pottery museum, to the castle and treasure of Villena; our Erasmus exchanges with other countries: Italy, Romania, Poland; our German exchange, with Bochum as a destination. What about New York, New York…?

And what about the hours we spent rehearsing to play English literary jewels like The Canterville Ghost, Oliver Twist, The Picture of Dorian Gray or Much Ado about Nothing? Then, the amazing result of those rehearsals. What a pleasure to see you peform in front of different audiences: school friends, parents, grandparents,…

The way everyting was unfinished last academic year was not ideal. However, I am sure that every one of you learnt a few things from the situation.

Keep learning, my dear students! There will always be a Ghost that will need our help to finally rest in peace, or a Treasure Island to discover, or an Oliver Twist who will try hard to stay honest and true through all the misfortunes he might encounter in his way. Oh, there will be poetic justice in the end! Learning comes in so many different ways! Learn from your families, learn from your teachers, learn from your friends and from those who are not your friends. Learn from life above all.

I wish you all the best!