IES María Blasco celebrates International Greek Language Day

International Day of the Greek Language has been celebrated worldwide on February 9 . The Greek government chose this date to honor the anniversary of the death of the 19th century Greek poet Dionysos Solomós (Διονύσιος Σολωμός), author of the poem Hymn to Freedom

( Ὕμνος  εἰς τὴν Ελευθερί αν) , which later became the official anthem of Greece and Cyprus.

The IES María Blasco wanted to join this celebration this course with an exhibition and a contest organized by the Greek and Latin departments. The rest of the school's departments and many students who have dared to write in Greek for the first time have also collaborated in this exhibition. The result has been a journey through the Greek origin of a large number of words that we use on a daily basis, both in different subjects and in our daily lives, for example philosophy, democracy, hormone or polynomial , but also lamp, idiot or sphere .