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Objectiu 4. Educació de Qualitat

Garantir una educació inclusiva, equitativa i de qualitat i promoure oportunitats d’aprenentatge durant tota la vida per a tothom

Objectius de desenvolupament sostenible. Agenda 2030. ONU

Merry Christmas!

23 de December de 2020

Have a good Christmas, everyone! See you again on January, … Llegir més…

We start the visits of “Marca la comarca”

2 de March de 2020

The “Marca la comarca” project, which we are developing this … Llegir més…

Erasmus+ mobility to Sminthi (Greece)

16 de February de 2020

Five sixth grade students (Amine, Josep, Nina, Pablo and Sandra) … Llegir més…

“Leadership for learning” program from Educaixa

3 de February de 2020

How to improve the student learning through educational leadership? How … Llegir més…


Check here all the issues of l’AMPETA, our school magazine. On a quarterly basis, it has achieved high quality thanks to its writing team. Here we present it to you, with an index of all its content. We hope you like it!

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Ítaca Família 2.0

The Ítaca Família 2.0 website, by the Generalitat Valenciana, allows you to communicate with the teaching team, consult notes, absences and scheduled activities, as well as other features. Also available in mobile app.

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Canal InfoPou

Our InfoPou channel on Telegram informs about all the news and other importat information. It is always updated and is the best way to stay informed.


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ODS 2030

We endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the 2030 horizon. Our environment urgently needs a change of attitudes, much more respectful and sustainable.

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Offer a socialization and quality learning space that works for the integral development of the person and for the improvement (social, cultural, family and natural) of our environment.


We will be an educational institution that is inclusive and innovative in society, that generates full trust, and where respect, equity and a critical sense accompany personal growth.


We are a respectful, open, dynamic and committed school.