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New Pou: Primary building works end

The new Pou begins to take shape. The works of the Primary building have finished. Students will be able to release the renovated facilities on January 7, 2019.

The actions carried out have fulfilled most of the school needs:

  • Change of all windows and blinds, improving the energy efficiency of the school, as well as repair of the windowsill and the lintel of them.
  • New floor, porcelain and non-slip.
  • Replacement of the tiling of the walls, with a combination of differentiating colours, and painting of the spaces: green for 1st and 2nd grade, blue for 3rd and 4th, yellow for 5th and 6th and white for common spaces.
  • Enabling two exits and an emergency staircase, in the south of the building.
  • New LED luminaires, with a considerable reduction in electricity consumption and a significant improvement in the brightness of the classrooms. New plugs near the blackboards.
  • Redistribution and new spaces: library, faculty room, administrative area, family care room, educational inclusion team, autonomous student work classrooms, changing rooms with lockers for non-teaching staff, concierge store, dining room management office and Children’s student bedroom.
  • Change of all wiring in the center’s internet network.
  • Replacement of the entire perimeter fence of the enclosure.
  • Repair of the central sports court for the practice of basketball and volleyball.
  • Acting on the pedestrian street to avoid total flooding of the street when it rains.

The works have been done by the construction company Urbamed, with the construction management of the Silvasol company and the supervision of the urban planning department of the City of Dénia, which has been responsible for awarding the works. The total financing of the intervention has been in charge of the Department of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana, within its Edificant plan, for the improvement of educational insfrastructures. The tender budget for the work was € 612,004.36.

The Primary work has finished. In the future, what has been pending will have to be addressed: the action on the inner staircase of the center, the elimination of the perimeter wall of the east track and the landscaping of the south courtyard.

In parallel, the procedure continues to carry out the works of the new building to the K-5. On December 5, the City of Dénia signed the contract with the company awarded for the drafting of the project, UTE Arquitectura y urbanismo Estudios Boix SLP – Consulting de Ingeniería ICA SL. It will take three months to design the new building. Then the administrative procedure to tender the construction company will begin. Works are expected to begin during the second half of 2020.