“Leadership for learning” program from Educaixa

How to improve the student learning through educational leadership? How to achieve sustainable changes in school? How to favor the improvement of teaching practice and teamwork?

These are some of the issues that have been worked on the “Leadership for Learning” program of EduCaixa in which the school management team is participating. The second phase of the program was held at the CaixaForum in Seville the last week of January. In it we share three days of shared training with 50 other educational centers throughout Spain and with the facilitators of the Institute of Education (IOE) of the University College of London (UCL), world leader in the faculties of education.

The Program combines, in each of the phases, three training modalities:

1. Face-to-face training: 3 sessions of face-to-face training of 3 days each in Barcelona, ​​Seville and Madrid, where all program participants meet. An IOE-UCL team is in charge of providing this training.

2. Work in learning groups: 3 work sessions in learning groups of 1 day each that will be interspersed with face-to-face training sessions. Learning groups are organized in territorial networks of different educational centers. Our group is made up of the IES Tomás Navarro Tomás de Albacete and the La Malvesía Agricultural Training School, in Llombai.

Each learning group is coordinated by a program facilitator (ours is Joan Carles Berrocal), formed by the IOE-UCL, which is responsible for providing coaching to the participants. With these meetings they help us overcome the challenges they face when implementing a leadership project for change in schools.

3. Development of leadership projects for change in educational centers: each pair of participants must design a leadership project for change aimed at improving student learning. Participants must implement their projects in educational centers using the knowledge acquired in face-to-face training and learning groups.

The learning of this program is being applied directly this year in the teacher training of the faculty, which we are dedicating to the revision of the Center Educational Project (PEC).

+ Info: https://www.educaixa.com/ca/-/liderazgo-para-el-aprendizaje