The Pou de la Muntanya School starts its activity on 1976. At that time, in the heat of democratic transition, Dénia had the Cervantes school as the unique public school in the city.

It opened on October 18, 1976. Its first director was Rafael Marsal Armell.

Its name, Pou de la Muntanya, is acquired from the old well, which still exists, which served as water for the crops of the term closest to the Montgó and which gives its name to the path that goes up to this emblematic summit of the region. .

It was officially created, as a national school, by Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of November 12, 1976.

It was given a regional character by order of the Ministry of July 27, 1977 with 640 places, 16 units of E.G.B., 1 of nursery school, 2 of Special Education and DFD.

By resolution of the Undersecretary of the Ministry, it became mixed for the purposes of December 31, 1977.

It was the first school in Dénia to teach in Valencian. The first promotion of students with teaching entirely in Valencian was between 1982 and 1993.

Officially the Valencian linguistic education was recognized by the Ministry in 1990.

The authorization to implant the second cycle of infantile arrived in the year 1994.

The implementation of the computer program in the school is from the 1997-1998 academic year and we have had a website since October 2002.

It was one of the first schools in the region to incorporate the Valencian ball in the classes. It currently has 12 units of elementary education and 6 of preschool. The number of students is 445.

In 2016, we adopted the organizational model of a continuous school day (morning classes and afternoon activities). On the same year, we participated in our first Erasmus + project, in the KA2 (Strategic Partnerships between Schools) modality.

The teachers who have been headmaster of the school during these years have been: Rafael Marsal, Salvador Salort, Manuel Vives, Regina Alemany, Ferran Martínez and Sergi Mallol.