Survival Guide for Teenage Life

Do you think it’s difficult to be a teenager? Do you feel like sometimes adults don’t understand you? Or maybe you don’t know how to manage your free time? Perhaps you spend too much time on social media?

Check out the guides for teens from our 3rd ESO students! 3rd ESO students have been discussing ideas to give out the best advice for younger teens. We have talked about how teenagers spend their free time, their use of social media, and how they can help at home with the chores. Then, in groups, they have agreed to come up with the best ideas to display in these fantastic guides.

The English department is very proud of our students and their great work. Come, have a look at them and vote for your favourite one by scanning the QR code you will find there! It is displayed in front of our school library. The contest will end on the 11th of November. 

Why don’t you come, vote and maybe borrow a book from the library after?