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A l’IES Gabriel Miró se li ha concedit la Carta Erasmus d’Educació Superior (European Charter of Higher Education, o TIRE, per les seues sigles en anglés), sota el programa Erasmus+. Aquesta Carta Erasmus constitueix un marc general de qualitat de les activitats de col·laboració europea i internacional que tot centre d’educació superior podrà dur a terme en el marc del programa. Aquestes activitats inclouen, per exemple, la mobilitat de les persones per motius d’aprenentatge (acció clau 1 o KA1) i la col·laboració en matèria d’innovació i bones pràctiques(acció clau 2 o KA2). La Carta es concedeix per a tota la vigència del programa 2014-2020.


Erasmus Policy Statement

IES Gabriel Miró is a current EUCX holder. Applying for this new TIRE is part of our own strategy for continuing on the process of modernisation and internationalization IES Gabriel Miro intends to focus its Erasmus activities on staff and student mobility in order to improve the quality of Child Care and Education and Social lntegration short cycle course and our students’ educational experiences. We will also participate in appropriate educational networks and explore the cooperation in intensive programmes.

Our institution has had four years of experiences of participantin in the ERASMUS programme.We have also had international student exchanges with Chicago (USA) as well as other European activities such as the European Youth Meeting of the 10 regions belonging to ERY which took plau in Rimini ( ltaly) in 2008. Some teaching staff have also participated in other LLP such as Comenious courses and Study Visits.

We want a growing internacionalization of our institution and this is the reason why we have encouraged our students to do ‘On Job training module’ abroad. We have participated successfully in Erasmus mobility for student’s parctice programme since 2009. We need to obtain the new TIRE in order to gain acces to the Erasmus programme 2Q14-2020 for our students and teacher staff because we think it is the best way to fulfil our role in socie§ and contribute to Europe’s properity by improving the quality of our student’s workplacements and the continuous professional development for our staff.

Our objectives:

– Understanding the organisation and characteristics of the European Child Care Sector, Social lntegration, and the mechanisms of entry into the larbour market.

– Sharing staff experiences about other European training programmes.

– Supporting staff exchanges and including practical European experiences.

– Acquiring an European professional identity and maturity that motivates further training.

It is our goal to implement Erasmus agreements with European institutions and increase the number of Learning agreement. IES Gabriel Miro is open to participate in Erasmus intensive programmes, multilateral projects and networks.

We have applied an lntensive Programme as partners within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, 2013.The project”Education and literacy: innovative and inclusivament practices” will be a turning point in our international cooperation projects in teaching and training.

A positive impact on the moderniEation of our insütution is expected by participating in Erasmus Programme 2014-2020. We would increase the number of higher education graduates by promoting further education at Universis afrer finishing our short cycle studies. The quality and relevance of Early Years teaching training will be improved by promoting Child Care and Education studenfs mobiliües, and we will equip Child Care and Education and Social lntegration with the knowledge and core transferable competenoes they need to succeed in their occupation field; will provide habite opportunities for our students to gain additional skills through study or training abroad, and to encourage cross-border co-operation to boost higher education performance; We will also strengthen the “knowledge triangle”, linking education, research and business.