Go! American English for Work

Go! American English for Work is an after-school programme aimed at students in the first year of an intermediate vocational training course (16/17 years old) in Microcomputer Systems and Networks or those who wish to study for a higher degree in computer science, with the objective of providing them with an advanced level of English that guarantees their access to post-secondary education in the United States of America at Community Colleges specialising in computer science programmes.

The project consists of three phases:

  1. October – May of the first year of the programme: A group of 20 students will receive three hours of English per week (1.5 hours two afternoons a week) in after-school hours taught by native American teachers at the American Space. Classes will follow a curriculum focused on a specialised computer lexicon (English for Specific Purposes-ESP) and TOEFL exam preparation.
  1. October – May of the 2nd year of the programme: In addition to the same number of hours of English classes, regular lectures on higher education and student life in the United States will be given by advisors from EducationUSA (the official education advisor of the U.S. Department of State). At the end of the course, students must pass the TOEFL exam with a minimum score of 73, equivalent to B2 level.
  1. August – June of the third year: Students will take a “Professional Certificate Program” specialising in computer science at a community college of their choice in the United States.

There is a wide range of computer science programmes and community colleges in the United States.

Degrees offered range from cybersecurity, network administration, programming in various development environments and databases.

Among the destinations to study in January 2021, there are more than a dozen in California, many of them in the famous Silicon Valley area, and also more than 10 in the state of Washington, around Seattle, two of the most important areas in the world of Information and Communication Technology companies. Other states offering the possibility are Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Utah and Virginia (near Washington DC).

Although this programme is currently offered in the field of computer science, its extension to other professional families is under study.