SCHEDULE: Wednesday from 10am to 11am

and by appointment by email:


Dear parents:

The association of mothers and fathers of the IES Abastos is an entity in which the parents of the students of the IES Abastos voluntarily join, from any of their training levels: ESO, Baccalaureate and / or Vocational Training Cycles.

It remains our responsibility to take an interest in the educational process of our children, even if they have accessed a higher level of education. We can exercise this interest and involvement in their education through our participation in the AMPA and in the School Council of the Center where we have representation. The more we are, the more strength we will have in achieving, with the rest of the educational community, a higher educational quality for our children.


-You can freely attend all meetings and assemblies of the AMPA. You can also participate in any activity and governing body of the AMPA.

-You will receive by email the notices of the meetings of the AMPA, the summary of the agreements adopted by the AMPA, requests communicated to the Management of the Center or any other educational body, the complaints and comments made by the partners, the requests and the agreements adopted by the School Council of the Center, the calls for competitions, cultural events and trips organized in the Center,…., and much more.

-Economic discounts on the use of lockers, cultural activities and organized trips with the participation of the AMPA.

-Indicate your preferences and / or needs regarding the content of the training talks and other activities to be organized by the AMPA.

-To have a voice and vote in the School Council of the Center, since the AMPA has several representatives in the most important representative and decision-making body of IES Abastos.


– Be present at the center to attend to all requests from students, parents and teachers

– Manage the distribution of lockers.

– Support and give value with our presence the initiatives promoted by the teachers and students of the Center.

– Organize free training talks for parents and students.

– Carry out complementary training activities for our students (food handlers, leisure and free time monitor course, dance, badmington etc …)

– Participate and financially support the extracurricular and / or cultural activities organized by the teaching staff.

– Support financially, within our budget, the AMPA members who take part in these activities.

– Participate in the School Council of the Center and maintain constant communication with the management team of IES Abastos.

– Hold meetings of the AMPA once a month, approximately, to assess the progress and operation of the Center. At this moment we have three work committees: communication, infrastructures of the center and ticket offices.

– Organize complementary training activities for our students.


– We are present at IES Abastos. We share space and time with your children. We know how the center works.

– We take part in the representative bodies and we get in touch with the teachers and management team. We transfer concerns and complaints. Also proposals and support for the activities of the center.

– We care about all the students and all the training cycles, it is at these ages where we most risk the personal, social and work future of our children.

– The AMPA can guide you or ask for help to respond to everything you need regarding the education of our children. We will attend to your requests through our email (, in the Ampa suggestion box or in person during business hours. Also, if you are a member, in the same meetings or assemblies held by the Association.


– We need your help: become a member for only 20 euros a year, through the registration form.

– The fee corresponds to the family unit, regardless of the number of siblings enrolled in the IES. You will also receive a gift per family unit.

– Enter that amount in the account: 0030/8352/89/0000816271 BANESTO / GRUPOSANTANDER. Or if you prefer, pay it in cash at our office during business hours.

– Fill in these details and deliver the form to the AMPA (ground floor of the IES abastos) during business hours, leaving it in the mailbox at the door or sending it scanned to our email. Do not forget to attach a copy of the financial receipt.

– Please, WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND VERY CLEARLY your email address on the registration form. If you change it or cancel it, send us the new one to

You can visit our facebook. “AmpaInstitutoAbastos”. And for any questions, send us an email to our email and we will answer you as quickly as possible.