June 27: “Workshop on Additive Manufacturing and Collaborative Robotics for P.F.: Cases and practical uses in the classroom”.

The objective is to show cases of use of emerging technologies, such as additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics, to the different Professional Families to promote the exchange of experiences and synergies between the teachers of P.F. and companies in the technology sector.

From the Center for Advanced Digital Innovation (CIDA) will coordinate the activities of this day in order to bring together companies and schools and thus give visibility to the enormous potential of the F.P to meet the needs of different productive sectors.

  1. Introduce teachers to the latest trends and technologies in additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics with a global vision for its application to all professional families.
  2. To provide a practical understanding of how these technologies can be applied in the classroom.
  3. Showcase examples of educational projects and activities related to additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics
  4. Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas among faculty to improve the teaching of these technologies
  5. Help faculty develop hands-on skills in additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics through demonstrations and workshops
  6. Provide useful resources and tools for teachers to integrate additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics into their classrooms.
  7. Visibilize the role of women in additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics.

The conference is aimed at teachers of Vocational Training of any specialty who are interested in using these technologies in their classroom and want to know practical examples of companies and other centers in the Valencian Community.