What is the Innovatec programme?

The Innovatec , together with the Empren, Qualitas and Acredita programmes, make up the Novigi Network, a collaborative network of educational centres whose aim is to promote the quality of Vocational Education Training.

The Innovatec programme aims to implement digitalisation, technologies applied to all professional VET areas, as well as the implementation of active methodologies or other innovative models, which along with future technological trends to be implemented in production processes, improve the personal, social and professional skills of students.

One of the main characteristics of the Innovatec programme is the application of Active Methodologies, especially the Collaborative Project-Based Learning (CPBL), where it is adopted an active role by students and furthermore students become the protagonist of his own learning, and teachers become a guide instead of a mere transmitter of knowledge, using new technologies, (ICT/LKT), and creating a summative and certifying assessment as the central axis of the teaching-learning process, accompanied by continuous feedback. Likewise, the aim is to implement advanced competences related to digitalisation, innovation and the technical procedures that the different productive sectors need in the medium term.

The benefits of working with this methodology are:

  • For students to become the protagonist of their learning, developing strategies for working in teams, solving challenges or projects set throughout the school year, favouring their autonomy, creativity and responsibility, achieving the general competence, general objectives and professional, personal and social competences set out in their curriculum.
  • For companies and collaborating professionals and institutions, to be able to advise and accompany schools in the design, implementation and dissemination of business projects and challenges. Collaborate in the design of professional profiles and create a pool of professionals adapted to their needs, as well as participate in conferences, competitions and events that are organised, creating collaborative networks.

During this academic year 2021-2022, thirty three centres are participating in the Innovatec program, which are receiving training in collaborative learning based on projects (CPBL) and challenges (ETHAZI).

The participating teachers develop their work both in their respective centres, implementing active methodologies in degrees, and in the working meetings among VET centres, where they share experiences and conclusions of the implementation of these methodologies.

The Innovatec programme will continue to be developed in the coming years with other vocational education centres, in order to achieve the objective of implementing active methodologies in all areas of VET in the Valencian Community.