Act in Time Project



What is the project about?

It Implements concrete actions to facilitate the access and promote the integration of migrants in the workplace, by means of:

  • A multi stakeholder cooperation among Training and Learning Centres, NGOs, Local Institutions, Employers Organisations and Public Employment Centres at EU, National and Local Level
  • Valorization of the Training Agencies, public and/or private which are highly labour market oriented and used to meet the companies’ needs, and so effectively capable to bridge the migrants to the companies.
  • Capacity building actions, based on the consolidated tools and contents shared among the European project partners, addressed to the staff of local organisations active on the territory with the aim of improve both the Process and the Services offered.
  • Concrete support to migrants adhering to the project, such as:
    • Guidance to the Labour Market;
    • Recognition and valorisation of competences and experiences acquired previously;
    • Definition and implementation of Individual Action Plans,
    • Delivery of training programmes tailored on individual needs, through the use of different methodologies (among which predominantly the classroom training),
    • Accompanying measures during every step of the pathway;
    • Organization and tutoring of traineeship periods in enterprises aimed to fill the gap between possessed and expected competencies.

How does the project work?

  • Designing a model of transnational cooperation between the various European project partners to be transferred and experimented later at the local level
  • Sharing Best Practices and adapting methods and materials used by the project partners at EU and national level on the specific focus of the project – labour integration of migrants.
  • Using an integrated and personalized methodology, tailored on the specific story of the migrant
  • Offering the opportunity to the companies to benefit of a consultancy programme focused on Diversity Management in view of a possible integration in the workplace:
    • to enable the new employees to become efficient and productive with regard to the needs expressed
    • Raise awareness about reasons and possible benefits of the valorisation of differences for organizational development
    • Raise awareness about how a responsible approach to diversity, equality and inclusion issues allows to gain a vital competitive edge and build confidence in its clients, investors, local communities and consumers.

Main target groups

  1. Those in search of a job =>450 migrants. The group is made of heterogeneous profiles for knowledge, competences, titles, language, origin, interest and motivation, etc…
  2. Those offering a job => The whole European labour market and the specific local labour Market, companies of every type, sector, dimension; Employment Agencies, Employers Organisations.

Expected results

  • Increase (measurable) of employability of people involved and their integration into the labour market with stable employment perspectives, and so
  • Decrease of the Welfare costs and
  • Economic Development of the European labour Market

Main objectives

  1. Modelling of a multi stakeholders cooperation, among private and public organisations, pivoting on the Training Providers as those who can integrate the services offered to migrants with expertise in the field of employment opportunities
  2. Empowerering the organisations involved on the territory to orient migrants to the Eu labour Market
  3. Increasing the employability of migrants involved and their integration into the labour market by means of integrated and personalized services with respect to the needs of the migrants and of the companies
  4. Providing a support programme of personalized consultancy to the companies with focus on Diversity Management to raise awareness about the benefits for organizational development of the valorisation of differences
  5. Integrating 450 migrants in to the European labour Market and so reinforcing the Efficacy and Efficiency of the whole Economic and Social System


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We are very proud to inform you about the

Act In Time-project

Transnational ACTions for the access and INTegratIon of Migrants into Eu labor market
Agreement nº: HOME 2015 AMIF AG INTE 9075

The overall objective of this project is to implement concrete actions to facilitate access and promote the integration of migrants in the workplace.

The specific objectives are described as follow:

  • Support the project partners in the identification of a model of cooperation between different actors for mission and organization, present on the partner territories, in order to improve quality of services/training and assistance for migrants.
  • Increase the access of the target group to the labor market through innovative training actions.
  • Enable experts of each partner to provide consultancy about diversity management in the workplace, so they can support companies that will employ migrants.

Project coordinator:Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali – I.F.O.A. (Italy)

Project partners:

  • Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (Belgium)
  • Centro Especifico de Educacion a Distancia – CEEDCV (Spain)
  • Edugep, Concepcao, Desenvolvimento e Gestao de Projectos de Naturaleza Educacional, Social e Cultural, Lda (Portugal)
  • Vorein zur Forderung von Arbeit und Beschaftigung - Vocational Integration – FAB (Austria)
  • Kunskapsbolaget Integra AB (Sweden)
  • Mayor Formation (France)
  • Regionalni centar za razvoj poduzetnickih komSouth East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning SEECEL (Croatia)
  • Zweckerverband Volkshochschule Passau (Germany)

The outputs of the project will be shared with you via newsletters.
If you would like to have a new email address added to the Act in time mailing list, please write to the following e-mail address